Public Relations

What’s your story?

Today more than ever, people want to know your story. It’s not enough that you’ve got a great product or tremendous expertise or industry-leading whatever. That stuff is important; don’t get us wrong. We’re not writing fiction. But people are looking for connection.

At Kippen Communications, we help you build authentic, lasting connections – through transparent, informative, meaningful storytelling. We’ve been doing it for years, and we put our strong media networks to work so that you can reach multiple platforms, maximize exposure and boost SEO. We’re experts at identifying the hook, never missing an opportunity, and meeting your audiences where they are, no matter the platform.

Community Relations

Community relations and stakeholder management can be a slow, steady uphill battle. We’ll lead you through it.

Our aim is always building consensus. For more than two decades, we’ve worked with clients to cascade messaging around complex and emotive issues for local communities. We use a variety of formats and techniques, from one-on-one briefings and community presentations, to newsletters, social circles, even phone banking. Whatever it takes to get your story told.

Content Creation

Is ink over?

Not quite yet, in our opinion. But one thing is certain: Storytelling will always be important. In fact, the demand for information and entertainment is higher than ever – whether your audiences read the paper with their coffee or check their favorite feed in the elevator.

Good content stands out, because it’s increasingly hard to come by. At Kippen, we take a thoughtful, inquisitive approach to content creation. We’re always thinking like reporters – perhaps because some of us used to be on the beat – but with a marketing pro’s twist. We know how to inform and engage while staying on-brand. We’re masters at executive positioning and thought leadership. And, we’re nimble enough to do it on whatever platform reaches your audiences.

Maybe the Sunday paper isn’t the PR score that it once was. But the concept is the same – people still want content. They want stories. Some of them even still want newsprint on their fingertips – and we meet those audiences where they are.


  • Multi-platform content strategy development
  • Editorial calendar planning
  • Corporate collateral, including newsletters, white papers, e-books, etc.
  • Paid editorial
  • Multi-media social content, including articles, posts, video, graphics, etc. 


Who are you?

In branding, authenticity is everything.

When your brand is a genuine reflection of your company’s values, people know it. They want to engage. And honestly, it makes it easier to stay consistent – because it’s your truth.

Sounds easy, but it’s an involved process. How do you explain to someone who you are in a logo? What words should be on your website and in your content to make sure people “get” your story? Branding is a collaborative exercise that requires a seasoned hand and a careful, thorough approach… Our specialty.


  • Internal and external brand messaging research
  • Customer expectation evaluation
  • Reputation analysis
  • Market exploration
  • Visual brand identity and guidelines
  • Website design and build
  • Social account design and build

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